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Wesley Chapel's Privacy Policy


Wesley Chapel United Methodist Church (Wesley Chapel) is pleased that you have chosen to visit our web site. We hope that you will be blessed in some special way each time that you visit. We invite you and your family to participate in one or more of the worship, fellowship and outreach activities that are a part of the Wesley Chapel experience. You are especially invited to join us in one of our regular Church services. The people of Wesley Chapel that are a part of these activities described on our web site will enrich your life in many wonderful ways.

Wesley Chapel Looks Out For Maintaining Your Privacy

The people of Wesley Chapel will always respect and protect your privacy. When you visit with us here, we will collect information that will be helpful to us in our outreach to you, and to the community as a whole. Included in this collection is aggregate information, which includes the nature of your computer operating system, your browsing patterns and certain other general statistical information about your computer use. Your personally identifiable information is also collected should you voluntarily provide it to us, and this can include your name, address, email address, and telephone number. Furthermore, in order to customize our web site to best suit your needs, we may place a "cookie" on your computer so that we can recognize you as soon as begin your visit. We are providing you with specific information on this aspect of our web site's operation, as well as other features, in the paragraphs that follow so that you will be fully informed. If at any time you have questions or comments regarding any aspect of Wesley Chapel's web site or our built-in information collecting practices, please contact Wesley Chapel's pastor

The Two Types of Information That Wesley Chapel Collects

As described briefly above, the information that a visit to this web site will provide to Wesley Chapel falls into two categories; [1] aggregate information, and [2] personally identifiable information. As will be apparent, the aggregate information does not identify you, and may as an example, give us statistical information concerning which pages of our web site, you visit the most. This helps us pattern our web site to best suit the majority of the users, and thus makes our outreach to church members, and visitors alike, more helpful. The personally identifiable information is, as set forth above, the more detailed data that you voluntarily provide to us. We may combine information with other information that we have from other sources. Wesley Chapel does not share with third parties any personally identifiable information that we have collected. It is used solely to provide service and information to you and your family. We may disclose aggregate information to responsible parties for such uses as compiling church statistics and outreach purposes. Wesley Chapel may be required to disclose personally identifiable information when required to comply with relevant laws or legal proceedings, but this will be done only with your express permission, or to comply with an enforceable legal subpoena, court order or administrative order. Wesley Chapel will at all times abide by federal and state laws and regulations with regard to all information collected from our web site.

Chat Rooms and Message Boards, and the Like

Wesley Chapel may offer additional services on its web site to its members, and as an outreach to the community in general, in the nature of chat rooms, message boards and similar discussion forums. Any information that is provided by the user of the web site in any of these forums, is considered to be dedicated to the public, and is not in any way sanctioned by or protected by Wesley Chapel. Furthermore, Wesley Chapel reserves the right to control the nature and quality of the discussions by withdrawing such forums at any time without notice.

Security Systems Protect Web Site Users

Wesley Chapel has put in place sophisticated security systems designed to prevent unauthorized disclosure or use of information that you provide to us. Despite all of our efforts to prevent a breach by hackers or other outsiders, it is remotely possible for our security systems to be compromised, and in this unlikely event, we will attempt to notify you as soon as possible. Furthermore, we will provide assistance in recovery of any losses, but limited to providing technical information and reasonable testimony regarding the incident. Due to the nature of Internet communications and the evolving technologies designed by hackers to breach security systems, Wesley Chapel does not insure against any related losses, monetary or otherwise, and specifically disclaims any such warranty.

Cookies and Their Use Relative to Our Web Site

Cookies are placed on your computer so that information about you can be accessed though feedback from your computer. With respect to our web site, Wesley Chapel may use these bits of computer code to collect primarily aggregate information so that we can better customize the content to your preferences. We do not use cookies as of the effective date of this policy, but if we were to initiate such a feature, it would be to obtain aggregate or personally identifiable information before or after you log off from our web site. Most recently manufactured computers are set to receive cookies. In the event that you prefer that Wesley Chapel not be provided with information through this process, we suggest that you set your computer to block their reception through accessing your browser's preferences menu and follow the instructions.

Links to Other Sites and Security

Wesley Chapel may provide links to other web sites for your convenience. Some of these sites may in some manner resemble Wesley Chapel's site, so that caution should be used. When considering any activity related to these linked sites, keep in mind that these third parties are not bound by Wesley Chapel's Privacy Policy and are not protected by its security systems. Wesley Chapel disclaims responsibility for any actions with regard to these third parties, and does not express an opinion as to the efficacy of their privacy policies or their security systems.

Data From Children

The Wesley Chapel web site is not directed to children, and we will not request or accept personally identifiable information from any person that we know is under the age of 13. Wesley Chapel will accept personally identifiable information from such children if we have verifiable consent from the responsible parent. If consent is to be granted, a signed parental consent form from this web site must be completed and put on record with the Administrator in the Church Office. (The free Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to read and print this file, which is in the PDF format — it may be downloaded here). It should be mailed to the address given in the instructions. In the event that you want to put on record that consent is withheld until further notice, a simple letter can be fowarded to the church pastor.

All of requirements and limitations that attach to adult users, also apply to all children. In the event that an under age child does without our knowledge provide us with information, then we will delete this information, in accordance with our established change policy, set forth below.

Changes to the Information and Privacy Policy

We will honor at any time your reasonable request to update, correct, delete or opt out completely with respect to any personally identifiable information. Accordingly, to the extent your request does not compromise our privacy policy, we will provide the information to you for any of these purposes, and provide you with confirmation that the change has been made in accordance with our best efforts. With respect to the Privacy Policy itself, Wesley Chapel reserves the right to change it from time to time. In order to keep current as to the Policy, it is the user's obligation to check on a regular basis. Any substantial changes will be posted on this web site at least 30 days prior to implementation for comments. In the event that changes are made, only new information collected after the implementation date will be subject to those revisions.

Your Consent and Questions/Comments

By the act of using this web site, you consent to our collection and use of information in accordance with this Privacy Policy. In the event you do not agree with some, or all, of the terms, please refrain from visiting our web site and/or providing any personally identifiable information, as the case may be. Any questions or comments should be directed to the pastor (see our Contact page).